Departmental commendation for saving an 18-year-old female that was being stabbed on the subway. I was unarmed and off-duty and was hospitalized for a small cut. Even for experts, knife-fighting in the real-world is still dangerous.

PROOF that my R2D2 Arm Control and my martial arts style, The Outerclinch, really works :-)  Please see above.


Anybody who has watched the UFC knows that MMA is a great system for self-defense in dealing with unarmed Badguys.  However, much of what we see in the Octogon would not work too well against a Badguy with a knife, a gun, or even a baseball bat.  The Outerclinch, however, was designed primarily to handle Badguys that have weapons in their hands and Badguys that could be concealing weapons in their clothing.


If you can capture the fighting arm it reduces risk of being effectively attacked with a weapon.  Yes, the Badguy can still draw with his weaker hand but I'd take that any day over having him in double underhooks, meaning a wrestler's bearhug, and not being able to see his hands.

Also, almost every functional weapon disarm, of any martial arts style, involves some variation of the 2-on-1, even if they are not named as such, in that they use arm controls, wrist locks, etc.  This is because if somebody is trying to stab you or shoot you, you will use all of your strength to stop his weapon hand.  Yes, doing that leaves you open to getting punched with his empty hand but that empty hand is nothing compared to the threat of his weapon.  Having a good Outer Clinch leads to having a good 2-on-1 ,especially with 2-on-1's like the Russian Tie and the Cop's Russian, and having a good 2-on-1 leads to good disarms. 



The Outerclinch is a style of martial arts I have invented based on over 200 violent encounters I had experienced during my service in law enforcement, the military, and the Guardian Angels, combined with over thirty years of martial arts training.  The term “clinch” is a position in wrestling.  The Outer Clinch is the name I’m giving to specific aspects of the clinch, especially Wallfighting and Arm Controls, that I have developed for dealing with the violent people I had encountered in public service.  For wrestlers that are interested in those particular aspects please check the Outer Clinch Defined page on this site.  For those interested in my law enforcement experience and qualifications please check the BIO page and the AWARDS page.  When I expanded my theories into an actual system, wing chun Sifu Eugene Lin co-founded The Outerclinch with me.






See R2D2 and Cop's Russian pages on this site for more info

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