Bailing: The Art of Escaping


Sometimes you just need to get out of Dodge.



What is the Bailing Principal?

The Bailing Principal is the idea that creating space allows you to retreat or use long-range attacks, including guns.




Why Bail?

Bailing allows you to create space.  With space comes options, including time.  Options include:  running away, drawing a weapon, kickboxing, yelling for help, drawing a tool (like a cellphone or set of car keys), negotiating, taking some time to think, etc.



Isnt running away for cowards?

No, its not.  Thats your ego talking.  A streetfight and a sport are two separate things.  In a streetfight, the stakes can be life and death, and a weapon or a gang or the cops can appear out of nowhere.  Even when you win and you are in the right, you still can face arrest and/or civil litigation.  Maybe thats not the way it should be, but thats the way it is.  Unless you kill the Badguy, you can never be sure that the Badguy and his friends will not take revenge.


What if the Badguy wont let me run?  What if my escape is blocked?

That is why Bailing is a system unto itself, with techniques that can be developed into an art. Thats also why it helps to have a strong foundation in boxing and wrestling if you want to get good at Bailing.


What if my loved ones are there?  I cant run then, can I?

No, you cant.  Not unless you take them with you.  Running away doesnt make you a coward, but leaving your loved ones behind does make you a coward.  Thats why I have offensive systems, like the Russian Tie, as well as defensive systems like Bailing.  That being said, at the higher levels, Bailing, at the advanced levels, can be used by a single fighter against a group of Badguys to get a group of loved ones to safety.  Acquiring Bailing skills makes you better at attacking, not just defending.  This is for 2 reasons:


  1. If you have Bailing skills, aka an escape route, you can attack with full commitment without fear and use the Bailing System as an insurance policy.
  2. Bailing, as a movement skill, helps you control the distance and the angles, which allows you to do maximum damage to the Badguy and the Badguy to do minimum damage to you.


      "Control the distance and you control the damage." - Rener Gracie


The two most important Bailing Techniques you need to know:


       1.  Shove and Bail

       2.  Kickbox and Bail


More on these two techniques, and other aspects of Bailing to follow.  




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