Baseball Bat Grip

Wrestlers defend takedowns with their hands and arms and the takedown artist has different ways of clearing the hands and arms, including the Baseball Grip, or simply aka Baseball Bat.   PIC

The Baseball Grip is simply grabbing  the wrist with 2 hands.  From Baseball you can set up many takedowns and transition into 2-on-1's, including Cop's Russian.  

Baseball Grip may not always be where you want to be in a streetfight but it is a real-world situation you are likely to find yourself in.  That is because grabbing Badguy's wrist to keep him from stabbing you with his knife or shooting you with his gun is perfectly natural reaction. 

However, the leverage and control from Baseball Grip is not as good as Cop's Russian so it makes sense to transition at the first opportunity.


Transition 1:

1-Badguy's right wrist is in your Baseball Grip and you are facing him at 12:00.  PIC

2-Let go of his wrist with your left hand but keep your right hand grip.

3-Pivot outside Badguy's fighting arm  on your right foot as you step to 3:00 with your left foot.

4-Grab Badguy's right bicep with your left palm to complete Cop's Russian. 

5-Drive Badguy to the wall for Walltap. 


Transition 1 is your simplest transition and you need to master that before you move on to the others, Transitions 2 and 3, which we will show later in the chapter. 




Stopping the Draw

One thing I learned in the Guardian Angels is that the best time to disarm a weapon is before it is drawn. How you grab a Badguy's arm depends on how he draws his weapon.  Is he pulling it out of his jacket or out of his waistband?  If it is out of his waistband, is it in the front or from the back?


If he is facing you and  is drawing a weapon from the front of his waistband, or from the front pocket of his pants or jacket, Baseball Grip is a good way to stop or at least slow down his  drawing.  PIC PIC

Once you stop the Badguy's draw, you can move to Putting in the Hits, via knee strikes to the groin and thighs, before transitioning to Cop's Russian to Walltap.  Headbutts are also a possiblity.  PIC PIC PIC

Baseball Grip to Cop's Russian works very well against knives and blackjacks.  It can also be used against guns, but Gooseneck is often better in that situation and that will be discussed in a later chapter.



Stab to the Belly PIC  PIC

So if a Badguy tries to stab you, grabbing his wrist may be very difficult because the knife might be moving too quickly.  I would never advocate hunting for a wristgrab when a Badguy is trying to stab and cut you as fast as he can.  Later, in this book we will discuss blocking and techniques used to isololate a quickly moving arm long enough to grab the wrist.  However, in the real world, sometimes a wristgrab just happens naturally.  Either the Badguy slows down for a moment or he thrusts at you and you instinctively manage to successfully grab his wirst.  When you find yourself in that situation, you want to know what to do.

I believe that Cop's Russian is one of the best positions for controlling a Badguy with a knife and that it is far superior to Baseball Grip for that purpose.  Therefore, you can use Transition 1 to go from Baseball Grip to Cop's Russian to Walltap.

As your skill increases, however, you will find that using Transition 1 has risks.  The knife is pointing at your body and moving the Badguy's knife means that you might impale or cut  yourself on his with your own movement.  What if the Badguy moves with you to stop from getting around his knife?  PIC   PIC

If you're not ready for transition 2 and 3, Transition 1 is still a lot better than nothing in those situations.  However, as your skill increases, you should train Transitions 2 and 3 to solve these problems.


Transition 2

To solve the problem of getting impaled or cut by your own movement, all you have to do is force the knife to the Badguy's core before you move around his knife.

1-From,Baseball Grip you push the Badguy's wrist towards his hip and thigh.  PIC

2-Then, you step around his arm to 6:00.

3-From 6:00, your left hand relaeses his right wrist and you palm his bicep to complete your Cop's Russian.


Transition 3

To solve the problem of  the Badguy moving with you to stop you from getting to 6:00, you use Transition 3 to flow with his movement and use his own inertia against him You also use Transition 3 if the Badguy stiffens his arm when you try to force his wrist to his core as you would in Transition 2.

1-FromBaseball Grip, thak the Badguy's force, whether that force is the movement of his body or the stiffness of his arm, and redirect that force towards away from where you want to go, which is 6:00.  Away from 6:00 means 12:00, towards you, or 11:00 or 10:00, meaning towards you but veering off to your right.  Obviously, when you drag his weapon hand towards you, you won't be standing in front of the Badguy waiting to get stabbed.  You will be stepping to the side and pivoting to get to 6:00.  PIC  PIC

2- From 6:00, your left hand relaeses his right wrist and you palm his bicep to complete your Cop's Russian.



Russian Flow

Russian Flow is a flow-drill, meaning a drill that is used to develop your sensitivity in relation to an opponent that is touching. Your sensitivity allows you feel and respond your opponent's movement.  The better, your sensitivity, the less time you need to respond and the better your timing is.  The better your timing is the less strenght and speed you need to defeat a Badguy.

Wrestling, jiu-jitsu, kung fu and Filipino martial arts all use flow-drills.  However, the Russian Flow is unique to Outerclinch.


Russian Flow1

Russian Flow 1 is simply performing the following transitions back and forth with your partner: Baseball Grip to Cop's Russian to Shove and Bail.  After you Shove and Bail, you present your right arm to your partner and he does the transitions on you before he Shoves and Bails.  

There are many variants of Russian Flow 1.  You can enter into Baseball Grip using the three different ways above: Sword grip to Baseball Grip, Cross Grip to Baseball Grip, grabbing the wrist with both hands simultaneously.  You can also use any one of Transitions 1-3 to get to Cop's Russian before you Shove and Bail.


Russian Flow 2

In Russian Flow 2 you don't go back and forth. Instead, one side goes and the person playing the Badguy switches hands each time.  

So,if your partner is playing the Badguy, he presents his right arm for your Russian Flow.  After you Shove and Bail, he presnts his left arm.  After you Shove and Bail again, he presents his right arm, etc.


Russian Flow 3

For Russian Flow 3, after you Shove and Bail, the Badguy puts his free hand on your shoulder.  From that highline, you grab the Badguy's wrist with 2 hands and brings it to the lowline and switches to Baseball Grip.  From Baseball Grip you you switch to Cop's Russian and Shove and Bail and the Badguy puts his other hand on your shoulder and the cycle continues.


Russian Flow 4

For Russian Flow 4 the Badguy slowly attacks at random lines and angles simulatling grabs, punches, cuts and stabs.You respond by grabbing his wrist any way you can to transition into Baseball Grip to Cop's Russian to Shove and Bail.  Of course, in the real world things don't always happen this way but this is a flow drill, not sparring.  (As your skill in this system, Outerclinch, increases, you will do drills that are closer to the real world and we will discuss that later in this book)


Russian Flow 5

Just as in Russain Flow 4, the Badguy attacks at random lines and angles only now you don't finish with Shove and Bail.  Instead, you finsh with Walltap, carefully so as not to hurt your partner. The Badguy doesn't have to be facing the wall either.  Depending on where he is standing and facing when he attacks you, you may have to use the Spinning we discussed in the Cop's Russian chapter to make him face the wall for Driving and Walltap.



Other Applications of Baseball Grip 

There are many applications of Baseball Grip that we didn't discuss in this chapter we will discuss later in this book: developing your sparring for wrestling, hunting for wristlocks and fingerlocks, speedcuffing, wallfighting and transitioning to or from other 2-on-1's, like Gooseneck and Jacket Pin.



Stopping the Draw from 3:00 and 6:00

Baseball Grip can also be used to Stop the Draw from if you are standing at the Badguy's 3:00, his righthand side, or at his 6:00, behind the Badguy, if he is drawing from his waistline at the side or from the back, respectively.  PIC PIC

But, what if you are standing directly in front of the Badguy and he reaches behind his back to pull something out.  What if he pulls something out of his jacket?


The solution will be found in the next chapter, Jacket Pin.



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