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Bent Russian  PIC

The Bent Russian is a variant of The Cop's Russian but I train it as a different 2-on-1 in it's own right because the principals are different.  

It simply means that instead of having the Badguy's arm stretched straight across your body, the arm is not straight but bent in the shape of a V or L because the captured arm is bent at 90 degrees or more.  The leverage for taking a Badguy across space, into a wall, is far superior with a straight Cop's Russian than with it's Bent Russian variant.  

Because you are giving up leverage with Bent Russian, you will have to practice some repetitions that incorporate Putting in the Hits.  You would also have to rely more on 3rd Quadrant because driving the Badguy into a wall will be harder with Bent Russian than a straight Cop's Russian.  PIC 3Q BENT RUSSIAN


Putting in the Hits
Many disarm techniques involve some type of striking to be added to the grappling, grabbing and controlling of the weapon arm.  There are pros and cons to this.
The pros are that your strikes off-balance and weaken the Badguy, making it easier to control and finish him.
The cons are that you are making things more complicated and breaking up your body motion.  The thing to remember is that most martial arts techniques are levers and these levers are simple machines.  The more working parts you add to these simple machines, the greater chance is that one of these working parts will fail and the whole machine will break down.
"If ain't broke, don't fix it."
That's my philosophy when trying to control a strong Badguy in actual combat.  If the Badguy is moving where I want him to go, like towards the wall in my Cop's Russian, I'm not going to screw up a good thing by stopping my movement and his movement so I could hit him.   That's why there's no hitting in the prior chapters.
"Sometimes it's broke and you need to fix it."
However, things don't always go as planned.  If the Badguy doesn't FEEL like he will move the way you want him to, you need to hit him.

The BEST strike from Cop's Russian, Bent Russian, or any kind of R2D2 is an uppercut with the hand that grabs the bicep.  2PICs uppercut and bicep grab
This is because both movements are similar and the uppercut does little to interrupt the flow of your transition into Cop's Russian or your Driving from Cop's Russian.

The second best strike is a knee to the thigh with your near leg (your left leg if you are capturing the Badguy's right arm). If the Badguy tries to anchor his body, this knee strike will make that more difficult.  From positions like Shortcut and Shortpick the Badguy's tricep might be too close the core for you to have enough space to get in a good uppercut. 



When your opponent wants to recover his balance as you are drving him into the wall, he has only 1 option.  He must bring his leg on his free side in front of his captured arm (if his right arm is captured that would mean his left leg) and brace off that leg to stop your push. 


When he does that, without letting go of your Cop's Russian or leaving your Wedge Stance, you must quickly make a 90 degree pivot into him, making your hips at a perpendicular angle to his hips.  Keep your chin tucked in because he can now hit you with his rear hand.  


Take your near foot (your left foot in this case) and step deep between his legs, past his crotch and hips, and into what Greco-Roman wrestling calls the third area of attack, or 3rd Quadrant.  As you step into your opponent's 3rd Quadrant, drive all of your weight into him.  He won't be able to keep his balance because of his stance and if you have good timing, he won't be able to change his tance in time.  Once you are driving him back with 3rd Quadrant, his attacks will; have very little power because he will be basically, falling backwards




Obviously, if you decide to attack a Badguy that is armed with a rifle, assault rifle or shotgun you must get close to him.  I've seen Krav Maga and other arts disarms against such guns and it is not my place to comment because I haven't trained those techniques.  What I do, however, is different because it relies on what I already know about 3rd Quadrant.

When a man takes a standing shooting stance with a rifle, he will have 1 leg forward and 1 leg back.  PIC

His legs will support him if you try to drag him forward or push him back.  However, if you can get to his 3:00 you can off-balance him with 3rd Quadrant and trap his trigger arm.  

Because the Badguy's is holding a rifle, the bicep might be too flush against his core or the butt of his rifle for your to get your palm in so you might have to do some weird variant where you grab the tricep as you do in Calm Down Sir and you are ready to switch to his bicep the moment he gives you space.  PIC  You can also just grab the barrel of the rifle and try to control that way.  PIC  However, if it were me I would only use the barrel of the rifle as a transition to controlling the trigger-arm.

Because this is a rifle, and not a pistol or revolver, as long you can control the elbow of the captured arm you will probably not get shot.  You don't even need to worry about controlling his wrist.  In fact, you can let go of his wrist and grab the rifle itself or even his hand and rifle at the same time to trap his fingers in the trigger guard.  

The grip on a rifle is different than the grip on one handed weapons like pistols and other two-handed weapons like baseball bats, (which we will talk about in later chapters) so disarming the rifle is more difficult than simply controlling the trigger arm.

When I look at other arts, they use strikes to loosen the Badguy and then use the length of the barrel as a lever to break the Badguy's grip.  This seems fine as long as your strikes do enough damage but I don't want to bet my life on that. 

My approach is simply to use 3rd Quadrant  to drive the Badguy into a Wall. From the Wall it turns into Wallfighting.  I would strike with Badguy's back jammed into the wall until I could improve my position.  My core would be glued to his trigger arm the whole time.  The most important idea is that you are not going for a disarm right away.  Rather, you are "riding" the weapon arm and doing damage until an opportunity presents itself.  If you bet your life on disarming a strong Badguy you might lose that bet.

Important details for "rifle riding":

Once there, it will be impossible for him to point his muzzle at you until he either:

1- Frees his captured arm

2- Switches the rifle to his uncaptured arm


Cop’s Armpit

Cop's Armpit is for grabbing loose, grabable clothing.  This is especially the case if the Badguy's clothing is so baggy that getting your hand inside the armpit to the bicep from Calm Down Sir to Cop's Russian could be a problem.


From 3:00 or 6:00, find the the seam along the armpit of the Baduy's jacket and grab there.  As the Badguy moves his captured arm to punch, you can catch his wrist with Swan's Neck or simply grab the cuff of his sleeve.


The armpit seam is such a good handle that you don't even need to immoblize the elbow joint with your core.  This allows you to fight from a greater distance and use kicks if you like.


You can enter into Cop’s Armpit using Calm Down Sir or you can transition from Cop’s Russian and other 2-on-1’s.


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