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Hi, I understand that spending money on martial arts instruction is a big investment and it makes sense to verify to credentials of your instructor.  This page let’s you know who I am and what my credentials are so you can decide for yourself.



30 years experience as a martial artist (backgorund in jiujitsu both Brazilian and Japanese, Jeet Kune Do, Kickboxing, Wrestling)

4x decorated police officer and graduate of NYPD Academy

Service as an infantryman in the US Army in 82nd Airborne (Paratroopers) and 75th Regiment (Airborne Rangers)

Patrrol Leader in Guardian Angels in the New York City Chapter with 18 months of service

MA from Columbia University


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Here is my story.

At thirteen I received a brown belt in Japanese ju-jitsu (Kokushi-Ryu Goshinho style) from Nobuyoshi Higashi and that was the beginning of a long, varied, and unorthodox journey through the martial arts.

While in college I joined a volunteer crime-fighting organization known as the Guardian Angels. You might have seen them on the news or subway trains wearing red berets. I served 18 months and rose to the rank of Patrol Leader and was involved in various citizen’s arrests against felons and violent criminals.

Also while in college and patrolling as a Guardian Angel, I studied Bruce Lee’s system, Jeet Kune Do, under Sifu Neil Cauliffe and attained the rank of Phase IV, junior instructor.  I competed in both stickfighting and kickboxing tournaments. 

After obtaining a BA in English from Sarah Lawrence College I obtained my MA in Education from Columbia University.  I believe that is relevant to martial arts in that teaching is an art in itself that carries over from discipline to discipline.  A good English teacher can employ the same teaching techniques to be a good martial arts teacher.

Shortly after getting my Masters Degree, I left teaching and entered the military.  I served as infantryman in the US Army 82nd Airborne Division (Paratroopers) and 75th Ranger Regiment (Special Ops). 

After I left the military I began a serious study of grappling.  I started studying Brazilian jiujitsu under various teachers and studied wrestling at Twin Towers Wrestling Club in New York City.

I also went into the entertainment industry as an actor, and wound producer theater and film productions.  During these productions I incorporated my martial arts skills to form MATE, Inc (Martial Arts Theater Ensemble) and company consisting of highly skilled martial artists dedicated to martial arts theater and film.  Here are a couple of our many fight  scenes:!/video/video.php?v=470633239095


After a few years as a struggling actor I finally entered law enforcement as a profession.  I was hired by NYSUP(New York State University Police) and put through the NYPD Academy where I graduated with a 90 grade point average.  I was assigned to SUNY Downstate Medical Center, in Brooklyn, New York, and my area of patrol covered the Brooklyn neighborhoods of East Flatbush and Crown Heights. 


During my service as a police officer, I was involved in over 200 physical altercations, including one that required me to subdue a knife-wielding assailant on the subway train, while unarmed and off-duty, in order to save an eighteen-year-old female that was being stabbed.  Over the course of my career, I was awarded 4 commendations and 2 medals for various saves.  My 9th save received local news coverage, both in the papers and on television, and can be viewed here:


Over the course of these 200+ physical altercations, I quickly learned that a wrestling technique known as the Russian Tie was my go-to move.  The first time I used that technique in the real world, I was in the act of subduing a 300 lbs man who had tried to punch a female nurse.  When the man tried to punch one of my fellow officers, it was quite easy for me to use the leverage provided by the Russian Tie to drive the man to the wall.  After the experience, I went to my friends at Twin Towers Wrestling Club, including then-moderator Ed Lindsay, and perfected the Russian Tie for non-sport purposes.


I was also very fortunate to be friends with Sifu Eugene Lin, whom I met during my days training Bruce lee’s Jeet Kune Do while serving as a Guardian Angel.  Sifu Eugene Lin, certified in the Wing Chun Kungfu system under Sifu Maurice Llewellyn, has been a close friend and training partner for over 20 years.  Sifu Eugene graciously helped me to develop my Russian Tie into a complete fighting system and incorporate Wing Chun techniques, such as Forearm Bridge, into that system, which I now call The Outer Clinch.


The Outer Clinch is for self-defense and the defense of others.  It is not for sports competition.  I currently do not hold a blackbelt in Brazilian jiujitsu or any kickboxing titles, so if you want to be a champion, there are instructors out there that are better suited to that task than me that you should seek.  But for the Art of Intervention, and protecting others and myself, I stand by my credentials and proof of my credentials are attached in the awards section.




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