Gun Disarms and Gooseneck


The Gooseneck is any wristlock that forces the palm towards the inner forearm.  There are many variants, but in our Narrow Focus, there are only three: Solar Plexus, Change Your Attitude and Gun Disarm


Solar Plexus- This is usually a Cop's Russian-Gooseneck combination. 

-When the Badguy tries to curl his arm out of Cop's Russian, you line his bent elbow on your core, not on your solar plexus but close to it.  

-You try to have his forearm lined up at a perpendicular, 90 degree angle to your core.

-Like an octopus crushing a clam, your hands cover the Badguy's knuckles and metatarsils not tightly, but flushly, not with strength but leaving as little space as possible.

-As you compress and squeeze you are pulling his knuckles downward and inward, towards his inner forearm, to put pressure on the wrist.  

-Squeezing is an art for grapplers that involves a lot more than just arms and shoulders, but also back, neck and abdominal muscles and even the use of breathing to increase pressure by expanding the chest.

-This is a very common finsh for Badguy's that resist your Walltap or Wallpin from Cop's Russian.  Depending on how the Badguy moves, you can also flow into Leopardfist above.


Change Your Attitude- This is usually a Cop's Russian-Baseball Grip-Gooseneck combination.  You might transition from Cop's Russian to Baseball Grip for a variety of reasons and you might finish your Baseball Grip in variety of ways, which were already discussed in the Baseball Grip chapter. You might want to finish your Baseball Grip with Change Your Attitude for a variety reasons but R2D2 vs Icepick comes to mind.


-From Baseball Grip, step away from the wall and bring Badguy's wrist with you.

-You will change directions and grips in the same way you would with Leopardfist.  You go backwards and up.  Your grip changes orientations as you would in Leopardfist INSERT .  However, rather than gripping the wrist and humerus, both hands are gripping the wrist while both of your thumbs are pressing the Badguy's matatarsils to make the palms move towards the inner forearms.

-At the end position, both the Badguy's elbow and inner forearm is pointing towards the sky while the outer forearm is poitning towards the floor.


Samir Seif's sub-variant-  Change Your Attitude is really common wrist lock in Japanese martial arts and I'm sure it goes by different names but the name, “Change Your Attitude”, is taken from bouncer-martial artist, Samir Seif.  His entry,however, is in a bouncer context and is different:

-Bouncer #1 has a Badguy in double-underhooks pressed up against a wall.  The double-underhooks are so tight that the Badguy can't lower his arms and his wrists are exposed.

-Bouncer #2 grabs Badguy's wrist and puts him in Change Your Attitude



Gun Disarm- This is usually a 1-on-1 to Gooseneck combination.  The finish is more important than the setups.

-Badguy points a pistol or revolver at me from whatever direction and in whatever position

-I do 2 things simultaneously:

Grab his wrist with one hand and move my body out of the line of fire

-Your second hand grabs the barrel of Badguy's gun, without fear.  If the gun is a pistol, and you grab the slide, the Badguy only gets 1 shot before the gun jams and you probably won't injure your hand on the slide.  If the gun is a revolver it won't jam and the barrel may get hot and burn your hand, but that is still better than getting shot.

-With your first hand grabbing his wrist and your second hand grabbing the barrel, you force Badguy's palm to his inner forearm with your Gooseneck wrist lock.  This is more powerful than the other Goosenecks because the barrel expands the length of Badguy's hand and acts as a lever to increase your force.  Better still, in addition to the wristlock you have added benefit of the muzzle pointed towards the Badguy.  


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