Wallfighting covers all fighting at the wall: weapon disarms, armbreaks, chokes and counters to all of these things.  It also covers “jacket-riding”, the art of moving across a Badguy’s back to go from control of one arm to the opposite arm.  It also covers transitions from Cop’s Russian into various other arm controls and finishes. 

The importance of Wallfighting is huge for self-defense.  What makes Brazilian jiu-jitsu a great art is that they use the ground to gain a degree of leverage that they would never have standing on their feet.  That’s why groundfighting is a great way to end a fight.  The leverage for standing armlocks is not nearly as good as the leverage for armlocks on the ground, such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu’s falling armbar, juji-gatame.

The wall is a compromise between the two.  Even though Cop’s Russian is no falling armbar, the leverage is enough for an average-sized woman to break a large man’s arm, provided that she doesn’t hesitate.  This is not just because the wall provides superior leverage to just standing in open space, but also because the wall is a better striking surface than any fist or foot. 


When you want to finish a fight from Cop’s Russian at the wall, there are many options depending on the situation:  armlocks, handcuffing, chokes, strikes, Bailing, etc.  Your Narrow Focus, however, involves only 3 finishes: Leopardfist, Gooseneck and Reset.

If your Badguy is up against the wall in your Cop’s Russian, his resistance is usually going to take one of two forms.   Either he will curl out with his captured arm or he will try to press against the wall with his free arm to create some space.

If the Badguy curls, it will either be a downward curl or a horizontal curl.  If it’s a horizontal curl, Gooseneck Solar Plexus is right there.  If it’s a downward curl, Leopardfist is best.  Leopardfist is a strong shoulderlock but a weak position, so it might be a good idea to damage your Badguy’s shoulder right away or flow into Chickenwing. 

Reset needs to be second nature.  The principal is to, from Cop’s Russian, lower your center of gravity, change your angle and apply new pressure from a new angle.  The beauty of reset is that it can be applied from both Walltap and Wallpin, so you can choose to break the elbow or just get a better pin.

Depending on how your Badguy moves, especially if he uses his free hand to create space against the wall, a normal reset might not be enough.  You can augment the power of your reset by switching to Baseball Grip.  From Baseball Grip you can pull the Badguy’s wrist down at an angle to reset your Cop’s Russian or do something else.  I like to pull down to my right at 45 degrees.  Sifu Eugene likes to use a dumog, pulling down and back to 6:00 at a J-shaped directory. 


Transitioning from Cop’s Russian to Baseball Grip also has many useful finishes: speed cuffing, Gooseneck Change Your Attitude, Aikido’s kategaeshi and Japanese Ju-jitsu’s ude-gatami to name a few.  You can also set up rear-naked-chokes by pulling down as you transition from Cop’s Russian to Baseball Grip.



If the Badguy manages to create space off the wall with his free hand before you can reset, he is likely to do one of two things: hide his weapon arm by bringing it across his core or rotate his body to face you by using his left shoulder to brace against the wall.

If he hides his weapon arm by passing it in front of his core, you can trap him with an Armsling.  When he passes his arm across his core, press into his back to pin his front to the wall, trapping his weapon arm.  If his wrist and weapon come out the other side, grab his wrist to complete your Armsling.  A Badguy in an Armsling is very vulnerable to a one-handed rear-naked-choke or one-handed lapel choke.  If your Badguy is tall and you can’t break his posture just keep your pinned Armsling and open up with strikes until your Badguy makes a mistake or you need to Shove and Bail. 


If the Badguy turns to face you, you have to Reset immediately.  If you can’t Reset you have to Shove-and-Bail before Badguy puts you in the Inside Gate and starts attacking with his free hand. 


In 2015 I had the honor getting feedback on my Cop’s Russian by none other than the great Marcelo Garcia.  Against an unarmed Badguy, his response from Cop’s Russian would be to do an Amrdrag by pulling the bicep with two hands to transition into Seatbelt.  If the Badguy is armed, his response would be to run.  (This was before Walltap was fully developed.)


All of the above is basically your Narrow Focus for Wallfighting.  Certainly in Wide Range, the possibilities are many.  From Cop’s Armpit, there is opportunity both for striking and cracking the Badguy’s skull against the wall.  There are also takedowns, 1-on-1’s and other 2-on-1’s and other wall positions as well.  I.e, the Badguy is facing you with his back to the wall or you are the one up against the wall.  Then there are partial walls that don’t give the perfect Walltap: sofas, chairs, trees, cars, etc.

The key is that you must develop Wallflow, the ability to feel your partner’s counters and have an answer to each counter with good timing.  That begins with steady drilling of 3 combos:  Cop’s Russian to Leopardfist, Cop’s Russian to Gooseneck and Cop’s Russian to Reset.  From there you can expand to Cop’s Russian to Baseball Grip, Armsling and other finishes.  Without the ability to finish strong Badguy’s at the wall your Outerclinch will only really be good for Bailing.  A good Walltap will work most of the time but you need Wallflow just in case.  As I said in Chapter 1, the finish is more important than the entry.


Leaving the 2nd Circle

So that’s your 2nd Circle, combining the Cop’s Russian with these 6 other 2-on-1’s to take the Badguy to the wall.  More importantly, it’s about flowing from 2-on-1 to 2-on-1 to finish at the wall. 

The finish is more important than the entry.  If you’re already a martial artist, your entry (karate block, kali gunting, wing chun trapping hands) might not be my entry.  But whatever your style, if you train the Outerclinch finishes properly, the Cop’s Russian will always be there for you, for you to use or not us at your own discretion. 

That all means nothing if the Badguy can easily break out of your Cop’s Russian.  No matter how well you do a Class 1 lever you need to be able to flow with the Badguy’s energy so you are not fighting strength with strength.  This flow may take you into the other 6 2-on-1’s so that 6 is your 2nd Circle.

Bent Russian

Cop’s Armpit



Baseball Grip

Jacket Pin



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